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Lomond House 25a Russel St, Falkirk, ., FK2 7HS, GB
01324 617618

Caffia Coffee Group Showroom

Caffia Coffee Group is a leading example of success in the fields of pragmatic and flexible coffee and coffee machine expertise, embracing global taste styles along with in-depth knowledge of both coffee and equipment in a forward-thinking manner. A family-owned and -operated business that is now in its 3rd generation, and places a strong emphasis on both innovation as well as the satisfaction of its customers. The long and also fascinating journey that brings this natural marvel all the way from the tropics to your cup culminates in our ultra-modern coffee roaster with stringent quality control, research lab, and coffee equipment and training showrooms in and Falkirk. These are just the final stages of the journey.

Expires: July 01, 2023

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